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    Attorneys get a bad rap in the media and in movies. They often are portrayed as callous and rough around the edges. Fortunately for you, not all lawyers are like this. Joseph F. Brown, MD, JD, is an understanding and compassionate lawyer willing to plead for your individual case. Dr. Brown will listen to your concerns and navigate the legal process for you, answering any questions you have along the way. Our attorney has helped hundreds of clients during his career and we look forward to serving you, whatever your legal needs may be.

    The Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Attorney in Boise

    There are many benefits to hiring a social security attorney to represent you.

    • Knowledge about Social Security law: Dr. Brown primarily helps clients who are denied Social Security benefits or need to file for disability benefits. Using his medical background, Dr. Brown will create a compelling legal case on your behalf. If your claim is rejected, Dr. Brown will argue your case through all appeals needed.
    • Cases done on a contingency basis: We don’t collect legal fees from you until after you receive your Social Security back payments.
    • Comprehensive medical chart reviews: Dr. Brown conducts a thorough medical chart review before proceeding with the legal case. This allows him to develop a strong case, using evidence from the file, to gain a favorable outcome. Dr. Brown has a vast skillset ideal for medical malpractice cases as well.

    Now Serving All of Idaho

    Dr. Brown is a licensed physician and part of the Idaho State Bar Association. His legal services are available for all Idaho residents. Our offices are located in the heart of Meridian, and we invite you to schedule a consultation now if you are in the immediate area and need help with your medical legal case:

    • Boise
    • Nampa
    • Caldwell
    • Idaho Falls
    • Twin Falls

    Dr. Brown’s Other Legal Services

    Dr. Brown has a wide range of legal services. You already know about services for disability benefits, but we offer more than that, namely consulting services.

    Dr. Brown has experience preparing clients for depositions and testimony. The court of law can be nerve-wracking if you don’t know what to expect. Hire our team to help you prepare to take the stand. We also help companies or individuals find expert medical witnesses for trial. Fees are negotiable depending on the case involvement.

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