When Should You Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

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Social Security LawIt becomes obvious fairly quickly when you need help with your Social Security disability claim. But you may wonder at which time in the process you need to get in touch with an attorney. Is it before you file your first claim? Should you wait to hire a lawyer until you get a denial? In this article, you’ll find out at which point in the process you should hire an attorney to represent your case.

Before You File a Claim

If you haven’t taken action on your disability benefits yet, now may be a great time to schedule an initial consultation with your lawyer. There are several reasons for doing this. First of all, your lawyer can give you a really good idea about how strong your claim is. Experienced disability lawyers know which cases get approved, which ones might get approved, and which ones will probably get denied.

If your attorney thinks you have a strong case, then they will agree to file a claim for you. This is actually the point in time when it’s cheapest to hire an attorney. That’s because your attorney’s payment is a percentage of your back pay. If you file your claim early, then there won’t be a lot of back pay.

Another consideration at this stage is that hiring an attorney will increase your chances of getting your case approved. There are so many things to think about when filing your case that you’ll be sure to do something wrong. And it’s just not worth risking your money or your time going through this process on your own.

After You Have Been Denied

If the Social Security office has denied your application for benefits, then you should definitely talk to a lawyer about your case. It’s possible that you really don’t qualify for benefits. But it’s equally possible that your case was wrongly denied. An attorney can quickly tell the difference.

Just so you know it’s not unusual for a case to get denied first and approved later. It has to do with the way the benefit program is run. Denying a claim actually prevents quite a few applicants from trying again. But it won’t stop you, because now you know that’s the point when you really need to get an attorney involved.

Benefit ClaimThe good news is that you don’t have to worry about spending your hard-earned money, either. Your attorney will be paid out of the benefits you receive. That means in order for them to earn a paycheck, they have to make sure you get paid, too.

When Not to Hire an Attorney

There are times when hiring an attorney will do you absolutely no good. For example, this is the case if you have filed the initial claim yourself, but you haven’t heard back. At this point, there is really nothing your attorney can do for you. You just have to be patient and wait for a response. If you get a denial, then it’s time to contact your attorney. In the meantime, you can always ask for a free consultation on Social Security disability in Idaho if you’re so inclined.

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