When Do You Need a Social Security Disability Attorney?

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Disability 1If you are unable to work for medical reasons, you may qualify for disability income. You may be reluctant to do so because it’s hard to face the fact you cannot work anymore. This is the first step in the disability process—determining if you qualify. This is also a time when many hire a Social Security disability attorney in Idaho.

  • The disability attorney will help you understand the application process and the federal criteria for granting disability status. The decision to go ahead may be easier once you learn there are provisions in place if you feel you can return to work at any time. There are protections for you if you try to work and fail.
  • In the application, you will provide a detailed history of your medical conditions. Your attorney may be able to help you word your responses that are more likely to be in your favor. Some people choose to file their own application without an attorney and wait to see if they are approved.
  • If your application is not approved, this is a time when you might choose to hire an attorney, if you did not do so from the beginning. With a denial, you have the option to reapply with further explanation, or new medical information. Again, the attorney can help you with the wording that will be most effective for your case.
  • If you have applied, been denied, and responded with additional information without an attorney’s representation, you may wish to hire an attorney now. You will be called to testify in a court proceeding and be questioned by a medical expert. An attorney can prepare you for these questions and advise you on how to frame your responses.
  • If you have applied, been denied, appeared in court, and still have not received a determination, you may need to hire an attorney if your living situation or medical condition is deemed dire. An attorney can intervene on your behalf to move the process along.

Disability 2

  • You pay Social Security disability attorneys for their services. They are required to provide an initial free appointment. Their fee is calculated on the back pay settlement you receive from the government. The fee is 25 percent, but not more than $6,000, and is theirs only if you win. Since the fee is regulated, it should provide a sense of security for you in the application process and your future financial picture.
  • Choosing to pursue a disability determination and monthly settlement can be an emotionally taxing time. For many, the future looks grim without working. Applicants should remember the supports built into the system that will help you test returning to work, if you choose to. There are income guidelines that allow the disabled to earn pay up to certain limits, without jeopardizing their Social Security disability income. Job developers through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation will also assist you in finding and applying for jobs.

With an attorney’s professional help, you may choose to apply for benefits based on your medical disability. A Social Security disability attorney is skilled and experienced, and can be your best advocate at a difficult time.

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