When Do You Need a Lawyer’s Help with SSI Disability?

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As a law firm specializing in disability, we get our fair share of questions. One we run into surprisingly often is, “When should I consult a lawyer?” Our answer is always, “Now!” Over half of all applications for SSI disability benefits are denied and once they are, getting them approved is a nightmare. Unfortunately, many of the denials are due to applicant error. The government sits securely behind a maze of red tape which has been put in place to make denying benefits as likely as possible. Without an attorney, chances of successfully navigating this maze plummet.

When Choosing a Program

The first sticking point in applying for disability benefits is deciding which benefits are applicable to each individual. Between employer, state, and federal programs, knowing which one applies to a particular case often takes the experience of an SSI attorney. In the case of SSI, which is short for Supplemental Security Income, only people who have not worked enough to qualify for SSD (social security disability) can apply for and receive benefits.

When Proving Qualifications

If someone decides to apply for SSI, they will almost certainly need the help of an attorney to prove that they qualify for the program. This is a need-based program so, if someone has a penny more than $2,000 in assets, they will be denied SSI. In most cases, the people who qualify for SSI are people who were born with a severe disability such as blindness or mental handicaps. As is the case with all government programs, there are a million loopholes and exceptions that are impossible for the layman to figure out without expert advice. While the SSA may say they offer quality counseling, it can’t be that good or more people would be approved for benefits!

When Appealing Insufficient Benefits

Besides helping people get approved for SSI benefits, a social security attorney makes sure people get the right amount of money from the program. It is always amazing to us how after the hard-fought battle to get approved for benefits, people are often cheated in the payments they receive! Due to how difficult the government makes it just to get someone on the phone, most people just take what they are given. By hiring an attorney, people can get the money they deserve without the government-induced headache!

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