What to Expect When Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

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Applying for social security disability insurance can be frustrating: the paperwork is complicated, there are many deadlines, and it can be difficult to find financial aid while applying for the process. Hiring a attorney to help with your claim will alleviate stress, and ensure that your case goes smoothly. While hiring an attorney doesn’t guarantee you’ll be approved, most experienced attorneys have very high success rates. Here are some things you should know when hiring a disability attorney in Boise, Idaho.

Talking with a Social Security LawyerCosts

The first thing you may be worried about when hiring a disability attorney is how much it will cost you. Although hiring some types of attorneys can be very expensive upfront, most disability attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means they’re only paid if you win the case, and the fees they take come from your initial award. Most cases take months (and sometimes years) to complete, but if you win, you’re eligible for a certain amount of back pay in addition to a monthly social security check. Your attorney will fill out paperwork authorizing him or her to take a percentage of your initial back pay award to cover fees as well as the costs associated with presenting your case to the court.

Medical Evidence

Your Boise disability attorney will spend a lot of time going over the medical evidence of your disability and will request additional records or doctor visits that may be appropriate. Your condition needs to be well-documented and verified by respected physicians to ensure that your case goes smoothly. Competent attorneys will also ask the social security administration to schedule a doctor visit for you, that way you know that they trust the opinion of the doctor you visit.

Social Security Card and Cash

Preparation for a Hearing

Disability attorneys in Idaho all have different case management styles, but most firms have similar time lines. Once your application has been submitted to the government, every person is required to attend a hearing where a judicial body determines if your claim is eligible. At this hearing, it’s common to refer to medical records and other relevant documents to make your case. Your attorney will help you prepare for this hearing. It’s important to know that it’s normal for a great deal of time to pass between filing your application and the date of your hearing.

There may be times in your case where you don’t hear from your attorney for weeks or even months. In most cases this is normal. As your hearing gets closer, your attorney will contact you and set up a meeting. At the meeting, you’ll want to bring any medical records or documents you’ll want to refer to during your hearing. Your attorney may ask you questions that are commonly asked at hearings. These may include specifics about your medical symptoms, treatments you’ve tried, work history, and other options. Be as honest with your attorney as you can as the details of your situation can change the outcome of your case.


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