Tips for Winning a Social Security Disability Claim

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Applying for Social Security can be a daunting and complicated process. Having a Social Security attorney on your side can significantly improve your chances of winning your claim. However, there are many things you can do personally to help your case. Keep reading for some of our tips for winning your Social Security disability claim.

Medical Records

The most important thing you can do is submit copies of ALL pertinent medical records to your lawyer. Relevant medical records include all medical consultations, treatments, tests, medications, E.R. visits, and hospitalizations from one year prior to becoming disabled up to the present time. Your Doctor should also provide a letter outlining how your condition limits your ability to work and perform everyday tasks.


Dedicate a journal or notebook to your disability. Diligently record all your appointments, medications, and medical expenses. Also, record how your condition affects you on a daily basis. Keep it close so you can record moments when you experience difficulty. Note things like the side effects of your medications, how your disability affects your sleep or driving, and the activities you can no longer participate in. Also, note psychological effects of your medical condition like anxiety or depression. Keep your journal personal and specific to your condition. Write down your issues, limitations, concerns, and pain.

Continue Treatment

It is essential that you continue your medical treatments and take your prescribed medications. Many disability claims have been denied because the claimant discontinued seeing their doctor or stopped taking their medicine. Social Security will often make the false assumption that your condition must not be that bad if you are no longer receiving treatment or needing medication. Although Social Security, according to their rules, must consider why a person is no longer seeing their doctor or taking their prescribed drugs, experience shows that it is usually to the detriment of the claim.

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