Tips for Hiring the Best Social Security Attorney

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If you are dealing with a long term illness or injury, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. This is a financial benefit offered to those who may be dealing with extended medical issues or permanent disabilities. To qualify, a claim must be filed with associated medical documentation. Oftentimes, these claims are denied the first time they are submitted. Due to the high rejection rate and extensive paperwork process, it’s advantageous to hire a Social Security attorney to help you. To ensure that you find a reliable disability lawyer in Boise, here are a few things you should consider.

    • Understand the importance of hiring a disability attorney. The initial paperwork when applying for Social Security disability doesn’t require the help of an attorney. Instead, you’ll need an authorization given to your doctors that allows them to disclose your health history to the Social Security Administration. If your claim is denied, you must refile a notice of reconsideration within a certain amount of time. Without the help of a disability attorney, you may not complete the reapplication process in time.
    • Only choose an attorney who specializes in disability benefits. There are many attorneys located in the Boise area. It’s important to hire one that has experience with Social Security disability. Before selecting an attorney to work with, ask about their success history. An attorney that has a good track record of winning Social Security appeals gives you a better chance of having your claim approved.
    • Steer clear of unrealistic promises. When hiring an attorney to handle your Social Security claim, it’s normal to be charged a small retainer. This covers the time it takes for the lawyer and associates to successfully handle your case. If an attorney doesn’t charge you money upfront to represent you or promises that they can win your case, consider hiring someone else. While an attorney should be confident in their ability to help you, they should never promise an outcome.
    • Look for an attorney that communicates well. It could take a while to find out whether or not your claim has been approved or denied. During the entire process, it’s important to have an attorney who keeps you informed. By hiring a lawyer who keeps you comfortable by communicating constantly, you’ll have a better understanding of what is happening with your case. Communication is key when choosing a trustworthy attorney.

  • Look into each prospective attorney’s background. Before hiring anyone, it’s important to verify credentials and education. Your attorney should be properly licensed. Contact the American Bar Association to ensure that your chosen lawyer has the proper certifications to practice. Ask about where they attended law school and check references to ensure that you are hiring an attorney that will be a good match for you.


Whether you are struggling with a permanent injury or a long-term illness, get the assistance you deserve. Hiring Social Security attorneys in Boise is the best way to ensure that your application process is completed correctly. With the right attorney on your side, you have a better chance of being approved for Social Security financial benefits to help you live more comfortably.

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