Social Security Benefits Denied? Here’s What You Can Do

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Trying to get the social security benefits you need can be stressful, complicated, and frustrating. If you are being denied benefits and don’t know how to appeal the decision, look into hiring a social security attorney in Boise or wherever you call home. They can talk to you about your situation and help you try to secure the benefits you need while making the entire process less stressful.

Why Were You Denied?

More than half of benefits applicants are denied, so don’t get too worried if you initially don’t get your application through. The reasons for your denial can vary–you might make too much income, your disability might not be considered serious enough, or you didn’t provide the right information. No matter the reason, make sure you clarify what the grounds for denial are so you know how to appeal it.

How to Initiate an Appeal

If you are denied, it’s important to talk to your attorney and get your appeal filed as soon as possible. There is a short period of time (usually 60 days) that you can get your appeal in before having to start over with the whole process.

What to Do to Appeal

Depending on what exactly you are trying to appeal, there are various forms you will need to fill out. Your attorney will be crucial here in identifying which documents to use. Also, be aware of the different levels of appeals and what to do if your first request fails. The most important thing you need to do in your request is respond directly to why you were denied. Bring proof of evidence that the reason cited isn’t true; for example, if you are not making as much income as it would seem, bring income and tax records. If they denied you because you aren’t getting treatment, explain that it is because you can’t afford it or it is unavailable to you.

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