Reasons to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

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Being seriously injured or ill is a burden that few understand. It leaves you feeling vulnerable, hopeless, and afraid for the future. Luckily, there is relief available. Social Security disability is a form of financial assistance available to those who are no longer able to work due to serious illness, injury, or disability. In order to collect this form of relief, you must first prove that you qualify. With paperwork, doctor’s letters, and other forms to provide, it’s important that every step is carefully completed. Don’t attempt this process on your own. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should hire a Social Security attorney in Boise to handle your claim.

  • It’s easier to assess whether or not your claim has merit. The process of filing for Social Security disability can be lengthy. Why waste all of that time and effort just to find out you don’t qualify? A disability attorney is able to review your case quickly and let you know whether or not it would be worth it pursue your claim. This not only saves you money; it could save you quite a bit of time, too.
  • Common errors are easily avoided. When you hire a disability attorney to handle your Social Security disability case, you know that things will be handled correctly. Without the attorney’s knowledge and expertise, you may not know that initial disability claims may take a while to process. Because of this, it’s better to file them immediately. Common errors can hold up the process or even get your claim rejected. An attorney will make sure that your claim is filed in a timely manner, avoiding any difficulties that may occur from filing later. Plus, with their experience, chances of errors occurring are less.
  • Your attorney is your advocate. Should any questions, denials, or difficulties arise, your disability attorney is on your side. They will advocate for you and ensure that any appeals are appropriately handled. With an attorney, you have a better chance of your claim being approved or refiling your claim with success.
  • It’s easier to understand the process. It’s estimated that 70 percent of initial Social Security disability claims are rejected. Without an attorney, it may be difficult to understand what needs to be refiled or why the initial rejection occurred. The fact of the matter is that you must present a strong case in order to be approved. With the help of an experienced disability attorney, you can better understand the process that awaits you and what needs to be done to increase your chances of approval.
  • It lessens your load. If you are applying for Social Security disability benefits, you already have enough on your plate. You don’t need the stress of following up on your case, too. Hiring an attorney relieves the stress of filing your claim. It takes one less thing off your plate and allows you to rest easy knowing that your case is in the hands of a professional.

Whether you’ve been injured, are seriously ill, or suffer from a disability, there is help available. By hiring a disability attorney in Idaho to help you with your claim, relief may be closer than you think. Why wait? Hire a Social Security lawyer today.

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