Reasons to Call a Social Security Disability Law Firm

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If you are applying for disability or if you have already applied and been denied for any reason, working with a Social Security disability attorney to represent you is an imperative next step. There are many benefits of working with a lawyer. Here are our top 5 reasons to call a disability lawyer for your application or appeals processes.

Increases Your Approval Rate

The best reason to work with an attorney is that your chances of being approved are significantly increased. Most disability applications that are declined are done so based on a technicality such as incomplete paperwork or late submissions of required documents. A lawyer can help you by being vigilant and proactive in completing paperwork and ensuring that it is submitted in time.

Shows You in Your Best Light

When you are applying for disability benefits, you might be nervous or anxious about the outcome. With this being the case, you may not be able to show yourself in the best light. A disability lawyer will know all the right terms to present your case.

Focuses on the Facts

It is important in any legal case that you work with a lawyer because they can remain objective throughout the case and focus just on the facts. You are going through a difficult time and have the effects of an injury to deal with as well, so having an advocate on your team who can focus on the facts while you focus on your health is important.

Cross-Examines Experts

There may be vocational and medical experts called in to testify regarding your case. These experts will be there to help the SSA determine whether you have a valid disability eligible for compensation. An important part of your case is having legal counsel to cross-examine these experts on your behalf to prove the validity of your claim.

Represents You in an Appeal

You might need to appeal your case if you apply and your application is rejected. Just as in the initial application process, hiring an attorney for your appeal will greatly reduce the risk that you are denied a second or third time. Working with an attorney will give you the best chance of approval on either your initial application or your appeal.

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