Physician’s Role in Social Security Disability

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??????????????????????????????????????????Many people are unaware of the extent of the role a physician plays in being approved for Social Security Disability benefits. Not everyone who meets the criteria to receive these benefits will end up getting them. It’s commonplace for primary physicians to weigh in on these matters. In fact, it might be necessary for them to do so in order for you to get approved for benefits.

Describing Your Condition

When applying for Social Security benefits, it’s required to submit medical records which outline your condition. Even if the condition is serious, it doesn’t always appear that way to the people adjusting the claims. Because of this, it’s often necessary for a doctor to submit a written statement. A doctor that you’ve worked closely with can elaborate on details that medical records might not show. Additionally, a doctor may have had experience with submitting these kinds of statements before and might know the best way to convey details of medical conditions that are often misunderstood.


In addition to describing a medical condition, a doctor’s written statement can clear up the severity of the issue. Severity is a huge part of the criteria for disability claims. Some ailments can be easily managed by people in certain circumstances, but can leave others indisposed. If an ailment falls into one of these gray areas, it’s likely that the initial claim will be rejected. With a detailed statement by a primary physician, the likelihood that your disability claim will go through is much higher.

Frequent Rejection

Social Security Disability Claim ConceptClose to 70% of Social Security Disability claims are rejected initially. The process can be arduous and take a long time to complete. Additionally, the process moves very slowly. Because of the large volume of people applying for disability, the system has a large backlog. With close to 70% of claims being rejected, going through this time-consuming process, and waiting to hear back from the Social Security Administration only to hear that your claim has been rejected is a waste of time. As such, a primary physician plays a major role, and if they weigh in on your condition, it can expedite the process to receiving benefits.

Contacting a Lawyer

Because the application process can be extremely tricky, many people choose to involve a lawyer. Finding a lawyer that specializes in disability claims is ideal, since they know the ins and outs of the process. In some cases, it might be best to contact a lawyer first and see what kind of process they recommend. They may be able to talk to the physician directly and inform them what kind of statement needs to be submitted. The Social Security Administration has the process and the criteria laid out clearly, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tricky aspects of it. Some people think they can apply on their own, and although many people can be successful in doing so, it’s unlikely that everyone will.

As such, seeking out Social Security attorneys in Boise, Idaho, might be your best bet to accurately submitting the required elements to start receiving your disability benefits as soon as possible.


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