How to Find a Good Disability Lawyer

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Making sure you get the best outcome of a disability case is largely dependent on finding the right disability lawyer. You should hire an attorney who is communicative, answers all of your questions, and is properly licensed. Here are 3 tips for finding the best lawyer to represent you.

Learn about Their Communication Style

An attorney’s communication preferences are a key indicator of whether or not he or she will be a good fit for you. Some people don’t mind just letting the attorney work and provide updates occasionally, while others need an attorney who is more communicative and available to answer questions about the status of your case. It is also important to know whether you will talk to your attorney or a member of his or her staff when you call in with questions.

Ask Questions

You likely have many questions about your potential disability benefits, how much you are likely to receive, and whether you have a valid case or not. The best way to find a good lawyer who will work as an advocate for you throughout your application process is to ask questions that are relevant to your situation. You need to feel confident that the attorney is knowledgeable and experienced in disability and specifically with representing clients in situations similar to yours.

Make Sure You Have a Lawyer

There are lawyers and then there are nonlawyer representatives. One of the first things that you should do is find out which you will be potentially working with. This can easily be done over the phone. If you would be working with a nonlawyer representative, it might be best to look elsewhere. Many firms will give you the runaround and say that they have lawyers in the office or that they consult with legal professionals when they actually don’t. To ensure the best possible outcome, be sure to work directly with an attorney.

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