How to Apply for Veterans Disability Benefits

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If you’ve served your country honorably but received an injury or illness as a result of your service in the U.S. Armed Forces, you may be eligible to receive tax-free compensation. Even if your injury or illness occurred after you left the service, you may still be eligible to collect compensation if it is determined that the disability is connected to your service.

The money isn’t a giveaway. It’s money that honorable, injured veterans earned through their service. Veteran’s disability compensation is based on loss of work time or loss of income generation connected to service-related injury or illness. Veterans must apply to receive these benefits. Here’s how:

Veteran in Wheelchair


The Veteran’s Administration website includes eBenefits. Through a web portal, veterans create an application and upload documents.


Similarly, veterans can apply via the U.S. Postal Service. This process requires mailing a claim and supporting documentation to a regional VA facility. A local VA office can assist in this process.

Through Pre-Discharge Service

If you are still a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, you can apply for veterans’ disability services through the pre-discharge program. This avenue is open to active military or full-time National Guard or Reserves, also called AGR, members.

How you choose to apply for veterans’ disability benefits isn’t nearly as important as turning in complete and accurate documents to support your claim. This is where a disability lawyer can help. In Idaho Falls, a representative can assist you in creating an application with the best chance for approval.

An attorney can’t get your claim heard any faster. However, as most veterans who’ve dealt with the VA know, its processes are complicated and frustrating. Having an attorney in your corner means someone else has to deal with hassles while you concentrate on the things that really matter in life–taking care of your family and your health.

More importantly, veteran disability benefits are awarded in degrees. The VA determines the degree of a veteran’s disability before granting compensation. The higher the degree, the greater the amount of compensation due to a veteran. Disability lawyers wade through the complexities of the process and know how to get the most from the benefits you’re entitled to.

Soldier with Injury

Many veterans service organizations can assist in making an initial claim, but if it becomes necessary to appeal a claim or if the claim requires a discharge upgrade, having an attorney in your corner becomes critical. If you’ve been injured or are ill as the result of your military service, a grateful nation is willing to help. The first step is filing a claim and a veterans disability lawyer can assist!

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