How a Social Security Attorney Can Help Your Claim

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Just because you suffer from a qualifying disability doesn’t mean that your claim will be approved by the Social Security administration. In fact, the majority of disability claims are denied right away. The good news is that an experienced Social Security attorney can increase your chances of success. But the flip side is that an inexperienced lawyer can actually hurt your case.

Proving Your Functional Limitations

Doctors are good at diagnosing and treating illnesses. However, they’re not qualified to help you succeed with your disability claim. Fortunately, our lawyer Joseph F Brown MD JD knows what the Social Security administrator will be looking for in your application.

In order to approve your claim, the administrator is looking for objective signs or symptoms of your disability, for example, an x-ray or MRI. Next, your functional limitations will be evaluated. For example, if you suffer from back pain, it’s important to find out for how many hours you can stand or sit, and whether or not you’re able to lift anything. Finally, your credibility is examined.

Is Your Claim Credible?

It’s your attorney’s job to help you look credible to the Social Security Administration. In addition to asking about your ability to work, you’ll be asked how you spend your days. For example, if you’re able to do yard work, then it’s unlikely that you’re unable to work. Unfortunately, it’s not just about having a proven disability, but how the Social Security Administration perceives your claim. And that’s why having a skilled attorney makes all the difference.

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