How a Disability Attorney Will Handle Your Social Security Claim

July 5th, 2017 | By | Posted in Social Security

If you’ve had a long-term injury, it may be the case you’re no longer able to work. Applying for social security can help you receive financial assistance from the government once full-time work no longer becomes an option. The application process can be very complex, and most people hire a disability attorney in Boise to help them through the process.  Although you don’t have to hire an attorney to apply for social security disability benefits, the process can be time consuming and frustrating if you try to do it on your own. Hiring a social security disability attorney in Boise is the best way to ensure that you receive the benefits you need. Here are some of the things a disability attorney will do to handle your social security claim.

What Happens When You First Call an Attorney

When you first decide to hire an attorney to help you, either the attorney or a member of the firm will contact you to set up an initial interview. At this interview, the attorney will go over the basic facts of your case.  The attorney will need to know what kind of medical condition you suffer from, how it impacts your life, and how long you’ve been experiencing these symptoms. While not required, it can be helpful to bring any documentation you may have to your first meeting, as most of these documents will be needed at some point during your application process. If your attorney wants to meet with you in person, that is fine. Much of the application can be done without meeting in person, and unfortunately the process can be frustratingly slow. A good disability attorney in Boise, can also honestly help you evaluate the likelihood that your case will succeed. If an attorney declines to represent you, it may be because your case is not very strong.

Developing Medical Evidence

After meeting with your attorney, he or she can help you develop the evidence you need to win a social security awards claim. This is done by requesting the medical records the Social Security Administration requires when processing a claim. At the first meeting with your attorney, the firm will have you sign a medical release form. This allows your attorney to access your confidential medical records. In most situations, the attorney will pay to retrieve and copy your records, and then you will be billed for these costs when your case completes. If you win your case, these costs will come out of your award. The Social Security Administration dictates what types of examinations you need to help them evaluate your claim, and your attorney will know whether to request further examinations to meet their criteria. Your attorney will also help prepare statements about your limitations and help you determine which medical records will help you win your case.

Preparing for a Hearing

Your attorney will also help you prepare for your disability hearing. This hearing is where the Social Security Administration determines whether you’re eligible for benefits. Your attorney will take over at this point and present the evidence. Even if you’ve only met with paralegals up until this point, your attorney will attend the hearing to assist you. Your attorney will want to talk with you (either in person or over the phone) to help you prepare for this meeting by reviewing likely questions and discussing which documents will be presented at the hearing.


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