Factors That Should Be Kept in Mind While Hiring Lawyers

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Blind woman with guide dog in Boise IDHiring a lawyer can be both intimidating and frustrating. This can be compounded when you’re looking for a disability lawyer so that you can receive the Social Security benefits that you deserve. However, not all attorneys are on equal footing when it comes to defending your rights and representing your interests. Continue reading to learn factors that should be kept in mind while hiring disability lawyers.

Legitimate Legal Aid

You might not realize it, but a claimant representative does not have to be a lawyer. It’s not required that the person representing you to the Social Security Administration have a law degree or be authorized to practice law, nor do they require any specific experience or credentials. If you’re seeking Social Security Disability, you are going to be far better served by having trained, experienced, legal assistance from someone who knows the law. Attorneys are highly qualified, and they are very capable in prosecuting claims for Social Security Disability.

Sooner Rather Than Later

The sooner you contact a lawyer, the more time he or she will have to put together your case and file the paperwork needed. Every day you wait is a day that you’re not receiving your Social Security Disability. Time matters, and the more time you have for your attorney to help walk you through the process the better off you’ll be. There’s no point in waiting when you can begin the process right now.

The Benefit of Experience

Not all attorneys are practiced and experienced in the same areas of the law. Every lawyer has different training and education. Some focus on criminal law, while some prefer family law. Not every lawyer will be well suited to handling a Social Security Disability case. It’s in your best interest to ask you lawyer about their background, previous cases, and what success they have had in prosecuting Social Security Disability cases. You should always be certain that your attorney has the education and experience needed to defend your rights and present your case.

Location Is Key

Being familiar with local people and practices can be hugely beneficial. If you need a Social Security Disability lawyer in Idaho Falls, it’s a good idea to find a local attorney. They’ll know the people involved in those kinds of cases and have previous experience with the local judges and presenting and prosecuting cases in the area. You can think of it as a home court advantage, and everything that can strengthen your case should be used.

young man in a wheelchair outsideYour Lawyer Works for You

Your attorney should be available by phone, email, or in person as needed. They should respond to you promptly, rather than disappearing for days at a time. A lawyer that doesn’t act, present themselves, and respond to you professionally is probably not someone that you want on your case. Be very wary of having a case manager or other person on the staff handling your case right until a few minutes before the hearing begins. From initial consultation to the hearing, you should be conducting business and meeting with your attorney, not the office staff.

With a skilled, educated, and experienced local attorney, you should be able to put forth the strongest case possible. Although¬†disability lawyers in Idaho¬†will obviously run the gambit from those who are fresh out of law school to seasoned veterans, it’s always in your best interest to have the most capable attorney you can find. Your benefits are not something to treat lightly, and you should take the utmost care in finding the best lawyer you can.

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