Disability Statistics: Number of People and the Amounts They Receive

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Man in a wheelchair in Idaho Falls

When applying for Social Security benefits at any stage, it’s important to hire a Social Security disability lawyer in Idaho Falls to help you. Most people get denied the first time that they apply, which can be detrimental to a person’s ability to pay for medical services and daily needs. According to the Center for American Progress, approximately 29.5 Americans have a disability. Of these individuals, one-sixth of them are of working age. Looking at the number of individuals in each stage of life and what they receive for benefits can help you understand what you can expect when you receive your benefits.

Working Age Individuals

There are roughly 12 million working-aged people on Social Security disability benefits. Working age is typically 20 to 65 years old, but the age range differs by region. These individuals rely on their benefits to help them live independently. Some of these individuals have jobs, but the money that they receive won’t cover all of their expenses, especially their medical needs. The benefits that they receive cover their housing, food, medical bills, and other expenses.

On average, people receive $1129 each month in disability benefits. Men receive about $1255 every month, and women receive about $993 every month. Spouses of people on disability receive an additional $300 each month on average.

Retired Individuals

Retired individuals are usually over 65 years old. Most of these individuals don’t have a job, or they work part-time in order to receive extra pay to cover their daily expenses. Most retired individuals who rely on Social Security disability benefits are low-income senior citizens. There are over 2 million retired individuals who receive these benefits, and they receive about the same amount of money each month as working-aged individuals.

Bearded man in a wheelchair in Idaho Falls


There are approximately 2 million children living in America who receive Social Security disability benefits because they are dependents of individuals who qualify. There is an additional 1.2 million children who have severe disabilities and receive Social Security disability benefits to cover their own medical and other expenses. If children qualify to receive benefits, their families can receive additional help in order to cover their day-to-day financial needs.

In order to determine how much a person can receive in terms of their Social Security disability benefits, it’s important to have an experienced Social Security disability attorney, such as Joseph Brown MD, JD, help you apply. Someone with experience applying and appealing decisions in regards to Social Security can help you fill out the application correctly and get the most money possible every month to support your needs.

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