Common Reasons to Be Denied Social Security Benefits

September 19th, 2017 | By | Posted in Social Security

Being denied for Social Security benefits can be frustrating, especially since they may not fully explain why you were rejected. This leaves you resubmitting for consideration again and again, unaware that you’re making the same mistakes. If you’re wondering why you may have been denied, a Social Security disability lawyer in Idaho Falls can review your case and give you specific advice. In the meantime, here are a few common reasons why people get denied for Social Security benefits.

You Don’t Meet the Non-Medical Requirements

If your medical condition meets all of the requirements to receive benefits, but you do not meet the other requirements, then the SSA won’t even look at your application. A few of these non-medical requirements include the following:

  • You earn more than $1,090 per month.
  • You have insufficient work credits.
  • You exceed the SSA’s limits for income or assets.
  • You have more than $2,000 individually, or more than $3,000 as a couple.
  • You own multiple houses, or a recreational vehicle like a boat.

Look further into the SSA’s non-medical requirements and see if there are any that you don’t meet to determine if this is the cause of your rejection.

Your Condition Isn’t Severe Enough

While any medical condition is going to seem severe to you, the SSA has certain guidelines in place for “measuring” the severity of every condition. Your medical condition must prevent you from working for at least one year to receive benefits. If your doctor determines that your condition will significantly improve in less than a year, then the SSA will deny you benefits. The condition also must prevent all work activities, not just some; if you are able to work, then your condition isn’t considered severe enough for benefits.

You Fail to Follow Doctor’s Orders

There are exceptions to this rule, but in general, if you refuse to follow the prescribed treatment plan, the SSA will deny you your benefits. They see this refusal as one to help yourself get better, and they won’t provide benefits unless they believe you are making a concerted effort to reenter the workforce.

You Won’t Cooperate or They Can’t Contact You

The SSA isn’t going to beg you to let them give you benefits. If you refuse to let them gather your medical files, or if you change your phone number and don’t provide them with that information, you will be denied for benefits. You need to be cooperative in every possible aspect if you expect to receive benefits.

Your Condition Is Caused by Drug or Alcohol Abuse

If an addiction to drugs or alcohol keeps you from work, or if it has led to a condition that prevents you from working, you cannot qualify for Social Security benefits. That doesn’t mean that you can’t receive aid for a condition caused by an addiction, but you do have to quit before you will qualify.

There’s Not Enough Medical Evidence

To receive benefits, you should be able to, in essence, prove that your condition is serious enough to prevent work. If this is the reason for your denial, you will need to work closely with your doctor and a disability lawyer in Boise to gather the evidence needed to support your claim.


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