4 Factors That Decide the Cost of Hiring Disability Attorneys

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Legal Team with Disabled ClientIf you are considering hiring a social security attorney in Boise, you are probably worried that hiring an attorney to help you get the benefits you need may be too expensive. Thankfully, most disability attorneys don’t charge you anything upfront to handle your case. Social security-disability attorneys usually have their clients sign a contingency fee agreement.

Contingency fee agreements are contracts that allow you to avoid paying any attorney’s fees until your case is completed. In other words, you don’t have to pay your attorney anything until you start receiving your benefits. This article will explain how the fees work and will provide helpful information about meeting with disability attorneys in Boise.

Type of Fee Agreement

Most disability attorneys in Idaho only collect fees if they win the case. When you first hire an attorney, you sign a fee agreement that allows the federal Social Security Administration to pay your attorney if your claim gets approved. The social security office reviews each fee agreement to make sure that your attorney is not getting paid more than they should be. In fact, the social security office requires cases to be on a contingency basis, unless an unusual exception is sought. This is to make sure that attorneys are paid a reasonable fee without overcharging individuals.

Contingency Fees or Upfront Costs

The maximum that a Boise social security attorney earns on a specific case is limited to 25% of the past-due benefits you are awarded, but the fee is capped at a maximum of $6,000.00. In almost every case, your attorney is only paid out of your back pay. If you are not awarded any back pay, then the attorney doesn’t get paid unless he or she applies for a special exception called a fee petition. This means that it’s very unlikely that you’d be charged anything up front to hire an attorney, and the most your attorney would be paid is 25% of your back pay (but no more than $6,000.00). You may be charged a very small amount upfront to cover costs of filing paperwork and paying court fees. This amount, if your attorney chooses to charge you, is less than a few hundred dollars.

The Amount of Retroactive Award You Receive

Client on Phone with LawyerOnce you are approved for benefits, the social security administration will calculate the amount you are owed in back pay. For disability, this will often include the amount you are owed from the day you became disabled to the day you are approved, but this is limited to a maximum of 12 months of back pay. If you’re applying for social security, the amount you’re entitled to in back pay is calculated from the day your application is approved, back to the start of the month that you first applied for benefits.

Miscellaneous Costs

In order to get your application approved, your attorney will need to present medical records, work records, school records, and other documents that demonstrate that you’re unable to work or that you need social security assistance. Getting copies of these documents can be very expensive. In addition to the 25 percent of your back pay, you’re usually required to pay these costs as well as other costs like postage and office costs. These costs usually aren’t more than $200.00 per case. Some attorneys require that these costs be paid up front, but most will have you pay for these costs once you’re approved.


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