3 Facts about Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

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Most people don’t think that they will need to worry about becoming disabled or have to research the Social Security Disability benefits program. Although we all feel invincible until disaster strikes, research has shown that 1 in 4 of today’s 20-year-old people will be disabled by the time they’re 67. That’s a long period of time, but knowing the procedures and entitlements that you can receive in the event that you become disabled will help you get the support you need. As long as you have been paying Social Security tax as you’ve worked over the years, you could be eligible to receive disability checks. If you are currently trying to navigate the application process, we can help you find out what portions you should complete and how a Boise Social Security attorney can advise you through the initial process and the likely subsequent appeals.

You Will Need to Gather Information and Decide How to Apply

The first step in filing a Social Security Disability claim is to get all of your documentation together. You will need to have information about your medical condition and how it impacts your ability to work. Find medical records and bills that will substantiate your claims. Luckily, many of the requirements have been simplified by the advent of the Internet. You will be able to look at directions and explanations about requirements either online or over the phone.

At an initial stage, and ideally in consultation with a Social Security attorney, you will want to decide if you will file in the streamlined online application or via physical application and mail. In either event, you can contact the Social Security office near where you live to let them know you’ve applied and so you can ask any questions that may have come up when you were going through the initial application.

You Shouldn’t Be Discouraged by a Denial of Your Claim

The data differs from state to state, but the majority of claims for Social Security Disability are not approved by the Social Security office. On average, 7 out of 10 claims are denied. Don’t become discouraged or automatically give up if this is the case for your application. You will now have to prepare yourself for the process of appealing. When you consult with a disability attorney, you will have the best chance to successfully appeal and be granted the payments that will increase your quality of life.

Hiring a Lawyer Will Increase Your Chances of Success

Lawyers are advocates who are dedicated to getting their clients the money that they deserve and that can see them through years where they are physically or mentally incapable of working. Our legal professionals specialize in disability law and have advised people during the process of applying and appealing over the years. Through the phone interview or in-person interview process, many applicants feel much more secure knowing that they have prepared as well as possible and understand the process as a whole. Getting an overview and asking for advice can give you the knowledge that will ultimately result in having a better chance at winning your case and being granted disability.

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